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They Lied to Me, When I Was a Teenage Girl …

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We need to stop lying to teenage girls. I say this as a 27yo who has spent the last 10 years focus­sed on beco­m­ing a phy­si­cian. We shoot our­sel­ves in the feet by not valuing the role of the mother, which is a role that will bring immense hap­pi­ness. Geor­gia Free auf


Gedanken einer 35-jährigen Amerikanerin

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You­tube-Bei­trag zum Arti­kel „I’m Broke and Mostly Fri­end­less, and I’ve Was­ted My Whole Life” in „The Cut”, 28. Novem­ber 2018, von Hea­ther Hav­ri­lesky The Ukrai­nian Lens auf


Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

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Ein Bei­trag von „NollaGirl504” I hear women com­p­lain all the time about how there are no good men left and that men are pigs who do not­hing but cheat on you. Women never look at them­sel­ves and if they would they would see that its women that are the issue here. If women would respect them­sel­ves and not sleep around then men would­n’t be able to cheat. Men are only going along with what women are doing and that’s being easy. If women would stop buy­ing into third wave femi­nist rhe­to­ric and stop slee­ping around, hoo­king up, and being slutty, then men will be more likely to com­mit and respect you. NollaGirl504 auf